About BlassResearch

Kathy Blass Weiss is a 25+ year veteran in qualitative and quantitative marketing research. She has moderated and facilitated thousands of focus groups and in-depth interviews spanning demographics from high school students to engineers, C Suite, building owners and contractors. She is passionate about understanding the customer experience and its infusion into the marketing process beginning with ideation and product innovation through brand and competitive encounter.

5 Ways Research Can Bring Value to any Organization

1) Marketing plan development. There are many elements of a marketing plan that benefit from the intelligence research can bring. Audience: Research can help define such things as the size and makeup of your target audiences. Are there geographic concentrations? What are the buying dynamics? Demographics, buying influence, titles, readership [...]


Key Pointers to Get the Most from Focus Groups

Firstly, decide if a focus is the right collection method for what you want to learn. There are many different forms of market research and focus groups are just one methodology. Here are just a few areas where focus groups are ideal: Idea and concept exploration, especially in the early [...]