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The economic climate of the last decade has put increasing pressure on pricing, productivity, and maintaining your slice of market share. New, more aggressive competitors have entered nearly every marketplace. Blass Research can help you create or maintain your advantage by gaining insight in many areas from product development and brand design, to target messaging, Internet strategy, and more.

Case Study

The Challenge: Identifying a lack of unified direction, a multinational corporation asked us to gather information from internal stakeholders to determine opportunities to unify executive management behind a clearly defined strategic plan.

The Method: Blass Research conducted global SWOT discovery with key sales, marketing, and product development influencers with in-depth executive phone interviews as well as localized workshops.

The Results: The analysis and insights have been used by the client to more effectively position their corporate image and target their communications outreach programs.

Clients Served:

  • Integra Networks
  • Coarc Manufacturing
  • GE
  • Dynisco
  • Genpak
  • Cadillac Plastics
  • Eagle Electric
  • Enervisionmedia

At Blass Research, our top priority is designing a methodology that is based on a thorough understanding of your needs. We are based in both Charlotte, NC, and Old Chatham, NY, and serve clients throughout North America.

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