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Not-for-profit organizations are faced with the challenge of satisfying two kinds of customers—those they serve and those who support them. Whether you’re a donor organization or supported by memberships, the key to keeping the goodwill of those you serve and those who support you is understanding what they need. And the key to that is research.

Case Study 

The Challenge: A volunteer first-responder organization wanted to increase membership to better serve its communities.

The Method: Blass Research conducted first listening post/focus group research in multiple locations across the state to determine the best message platform for the recruitment effort.

Results: Based on research results, a communication plan was implemented that resulted in a 35% increase in membership for this vital public service organization.

Clients Served:

  • The Clark Art Institute
  • Firefighters Association for New York State

At Blass Research, our top priority is designing a methodology that is based on a thorough understanding of your needs. We are based in both Charlotte, NC, and Old Chatham, NY, and serve clients throughout North America.

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