Disrupted habits create marketing opportunities

I take an interest in consumer lifestyle changes and trends and was thinking about all of the disruptions to our daily habits and practices since we have been sequestered at home. Life has dramatically changed. It’s no longer customary to head off to work with a mug of coffee, drop the kids off at daycare and work in an office atmosphere for eight or nine, or more, hours only to repeat the a.m. routine. Habits were more easily followed. We are now struggling to survive in all of this “togetherness.” I found it beneficial, almost therapeutic, to think of all the things that we are buying now or are buying more of since the COVID-19 outbreak.

Obviously, things such as disinfectants, wipes, hand cleaners, masks, etc. have been in peak demand for the last six weeks. But let’s take a look at some other products that we are consuming more of:

  1. Hair coloring. Sorry to say that this is on the top of my list. Many of us consider hair coloring an essential service, and we are forced to do this at home.
  2. Kid activities. Products from sideway chalk, crafts, puzzles, board games, etc. are on the rise as we think of things to keep the kids busy.
  3. Libraries are closed. We are looking for things to do. These will be printed, audio and e-books.
  4. DIY products. We finally are forced to address those items on the to-do list. Paint, house washing products, repair products such as wood, caulk and related hardware.
  5. Movies and related snack foods like popcorn. Whether we are home with family or by ourselves, movies pass the time.
  6. Some things need no explanation.
  7. Nail polish and related nail care products.
  8. Hand lotion. All the hand washing is drying out our hands.
  9. Running, walking and hiking shoes and related apparel. Even sunscreen. We are spending more time outdoors.
  10. Home gyms items: weights, balls, bands, mats
  11. We are buying more coffee and tea since it’s no longer available at the office and drive-up is discouraged. K-Cups are now seemingly out of stock everywhere!
  12. Disposables of all sorts. Paper plates, cups and yes, toilet paper. We are home more and there is a limit to how often we will tolerate running the dishwasher.
  13. Bandwidth/internet speed for your home. With our use of the internet for work and play, many have had to upgrade speed.
  14. Noise-cancelling headphones!
  15. Sleep aids, sedatives and meditation timers, recordings and accessories.
  16. Adopting a pet such as a dog. The kids have time to learn to take care of a new pet, and the parents have dedicated time to train, walk, play, etc. Along with this comes the bowls, collars, leashes and misc accessories.
  17. E-learning. We have extra time to learn new skills or a new language.
  18. Gardening products: plants, trimmers, mulch, plants, gloves. Start a garden?
  19. Car wash products including sponges, soap, brushes, buckets.
  20. Art and craft supplies. Sewing materials especially for face masks. Material, thread, scissors and other notions.
  21. Home office setup. Temporary offices may need desks, tables, chairs, extra monitors, pens, mouse pads, printers and related stationery.
  22. Home security systems.
  23. Delivery services.
  24. Things that keep us connected. Virtual church services, story times, social e-groups, etc.
  25. Streamed fitness classes and the enabling technology such as Zoom.
  26. Baking ingredients and supplies including mixes, pans, yeast, etc.
  27. Food especially anxiety reducing snacks and candy of all types. Many of my friends have complained that the family thinks the kitchen is always open. Plus, eating out is forbidden at this time.

I hope this list reminds us that as marketers, difficult times like these present opportunities.